[R] converting data to date format

Mike Hollegger mike.hollegger at aon.at
Sat Feb 14 12:03:20 CET 2004

Dear all,

I import my data from a csv-file containing one row with date-entries. How
can I tell R to treat this data as dates?

I've tried to bring it in character-format (as.charachter()) followed by
as.POSIXlt() but I get an error message, that the character string is not in
a standard unambiguous format, although the date is of format yyyy-mm-dd
(what is standard format according to R reference manual).

Another thing I tried was to work with as.date() from package date. The
format of the "source"-data is month, day, year (the standard format for the
as.date() function and the error message I got was "cannot coerce to date

Thank you very much for any usefull hint!


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