[R] how to solve a linear equation system with polynomial factors?

Felix Salfner salfner at informatik.hu-berlin.de
Mon Feb 16 15:42:36 CET 2004

I'm looking for a way to solve a linear equation system where the factors are polynomials:

Here is a simplified example (To solve my problem, I have to deal with dimensions larger than 2):

(        s + 2) x1 + (s - 3) x2 = 2
( s^2 + 2s - 1) x1 -      2  x2 = 1

Theoretically the solution is easy: By performing polynomial multiplications, divisions and sums.

I found out, that R is able to perform the operations +, - , *, /  on polynomials but I don't 
know how to create a matrix of polynomials. 
matrix( c( polynomial( c(1,2,3)), polynomial( c(3,2,1)), ...)) does not work.

Even if I would manage to create such a matrix, will solve(A,r) work?

Can anyone help? 

Thanks in advance

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