[R] 2 bwplots - different colors

Martina Pavlicova pavlicov at stat.ohio-state.edu
Mon Feb 16 17:37:27 CET 2004

Hi all,

I would like to draw one picture which would show two different types of
boxplots using the same axes (kind of on top of each other). However, I
would like to plot each boxplot using a different color or different
shading inside the box, so they could be better distinquished from each
other... Could you help me?

Here is an example of the plot I have so far. I was only able to change
the color the median-dot (to 'red').

foo1 <- matrix(rnorm(600),30,20)
foo2 <- matrix(rchisq(600,3),30,20)
bwplot(t(foo1)~c(1:20), xlim=as.character(seq(.01, .2, by=.01)),
       horizontal=F, bty=n, ylim=c(-3,11),
         panel.bwplot(x, foo2, bty=n, col="red", ...)

Thank you very much for your help.

Martina Pavlicova

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The Ohio State University            E-mail: pavlicov at stat.ohio-state.edu
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