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> I have been lurking in this list a while and searching in the
> archives to
> find out how one learns to write fast R code. One solution
> seems to be to
> write part of the code not in R but in C. However after
> finding a benchmark
> article (http://www.sciviews.org/other/benchmark.htm) I have been
> interested in making the R code itself more efficient. I
> would like to find
> more info about this. I have tried to mail the contact person for
> benchmark, but I have so recieved no reply.

One way to make your codes more efficient is to use "vectorisation" --
vectorise your codes.  I'm not sure where you can find more
information about it, but an example would be to use the apply()
function on a data frame instead using a loop.  Avoid loops if you


Ko-Kang Kevin Wang, MSc(Hon)
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The University of Auckland
New Zealand

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