[R] Discriminant Analysis Using Anova in R

Craig MacKinlay Craig at resolutions.co.nz
Wed Feb 18 02:19:00 CET 2004

Hi there,

I work for a market research company and I would like to do the following. I have a dependent variable which is commitment, and I want to see how other variables such as how 5 satisfaction variables (which are all binary variables, take the values 0 and 1) influence commitment using a discriminant analysis, could you please tell me how I can do this in R, ie: the commands for it?

Also I am using the function "rpart" for obtaining a regression tree for the same dependent variable and using the same independent satifaction variables to help explain it. How do I label the tree, I understand that to do the analysis I use:

plot(model) to draw the tree
text(model) to label tree.

However the text(model) command does not work. have you any suggestions?

cheers Craig

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