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Wed Feb 18 11:04:10 CET 2004

Hej Lennart,

I would like to add one thing:
Often, there already exists an R function that solves the problem at hand. Instead of writing your own function, search the help files [apropos(),]. What I some times find difficult though, is guessing what key words will produce relevant search hits...


>>> <Lennart.Borgman at> 2004-02-17 15:36:12 >>>
I have been lurking in this list a while and searching in the archives to
find out how one learns to write fast R code. One solution seems to be to
write part of the code not in R but in C. However after finding a benchmark
article ( I have been more
interested in making the R code itself more efficient. I would like to find
more info about this. I have tried to mail the contact person for the
benchmark, but I have so recieved no reply.

I am not an R programmer (or statistican) so I do not know R well. I am
looking for some advice about writing fast R code. What about the different
data types for example? Is there some good place to start to look for more
info about this? 

Thanks for any pointers

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