[R] building the development version

Deborah Swayne dfs at research.att.com
Wed Feb 18 21:17:09 CET 2004

Peter Dalgaard writes:
 > OK, that I can confirm. They do turn up on a checkout without the -P
 > option, but disappear after "cvs up -Pd". Tony, Debbie, did you
 > perhaps configure before attempting to prune the empty dirs? Could you
 > try 
 > cvs -d ...blabla... co -P R

I've use rsync; I don't know if that makes any difference:
   rsync -rC rsync.r-project.org::r-devel R

In any case, I deleted all the old source code and started over,
and the development version emerged without any difficulty.

Thanks for helping me think about this.


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