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Ko-Kang Kevin Wang k.wang at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Feb 19 21:53:36 CET 2004


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> Hi, 
> I have a problem with R; it won't start! I've installed it 
> fine, no problems, but when I try to run it the mouse cursor 
> changes to an hourglass for 1 second and back to normal, and 
> that's it, it doesn't start up. 
> No error messages or nothing.
> I run Windows XP Pro. by the way.

What do you mean it won't start?  Can you be more specific?  Which icon
did you click?  Is it Rgui or Rterm (you should double click on Rgui)


Ko-Kang Kevin Wang, MSc(Hon)
Statistics Workshops Co-ordinator
Student Learning Centre
University of Auckland
New Zealand

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