[R] A question on lme in R

Zonghui Hu zhu at stat.tamu.edu
Fri Feb 20 18:22:41 CET 2004

Hi, everyone,

I have a question on using lme on a mixed effects model with nested 
error structure. After applying lme to the data, and put the outcome in, 
say TR.lme. I can extract the fixed effects by TR.lme$coef$fixed. 
However, when I use TR.lme$coef$random.effects, it does not give the 
variance components that I need, but a vector of values at each nested 
level. What I want are the estimated variance components that show up 
with summary(TR.lme), but I can not extract them from TR.lme.

Could you please give any suggestion? I have tried ranef( ), but it 
seems not to be the right function.

Thank you very much!


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