[R] Is there a /ddfm=satterth for R?

CG Pettersson cg.pettersson at evp.slu.se
Mon Feb 23 10:55:21 CET 2004

Hello all!

When you are working with a little more complicated models in 
SAS PROC MIXED, you often use the /ddfm=satterth call to make sure 
the df decomposition is done the best way possible.

Running the same models in lme, without any special calls, results
in warning messages about the df handling. 

Is anybody out there working with something like the /ddfm=satterth?
It would be handy, or are there any reasons not to use it? 


CG Pettersson, MSci, PhD Stud.
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Dep. of Ecology and Crop Production. Box 7043
SE-750 07 Uppsala

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