[R] DLLs and the Floating Point Control Word.

Steve Roberts steve.roberts at man.ac.uk
Mon Feb 23 14:37:21 CET 2004


One for the developers I guess...  I am having problems in using a 
(non-recommended) Fortran compiler (Salford ftn95 Windoze), and 
the crashes do seem to be associated with the ftn95-dervived DLL 
changing the Floating Point Control Word. The compiler people are 
suggesting (and I paraphrase!) that if R minds what the FPCW is it 
is up to R to make sure it is the value it wants and R should 
check/reset on returning from the DLL call. There seems to me to 
be some logic in this position - if only to make life easier for those 
of us who don't really know what a FPCW is! Having to add 
unintelligable code to reset the FPCW at the end of each fortran 
routine is inelegant. It probably isn't as easy as it sounds  - I guess 
there are multi-platform issues? Is this a sensible suggestion to 
add to the wish list?

Keep up the good work

  Dr Steve Roberts 
  steve.roberts at man.ac.uk

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