[R] problem of install.packages in windows (R 1.81)

mrufino@cmima.csic.es mrufino at cmima.csic.es
Tue Feb 24 17:36:39 CET 2004

Dear R users,

I have a problem in the configuration of R:
I just changed university, and my conection to the net is via a password, which 
permits me to access the packages with no problem via the internet explorer 
(version 6).
I just updated R to R 1.81, and I cannot download nether upgrade packages (and 
many are not working with the update!!!).
I have been looking in the help and emails, and saw that many people had the 
similar problems. 
By what I understood, I have to set up the proxy, and do something about 
the 'path'... but although I read RFAQ and R for windows, I could not do it, 
because I dont know where do I go (I looked in the control panel, internet 
options, etc. nothing worked, than also I tried changing the name of the dll 
file (internet2.dll), as recommended and makes R crash, as soon as it is 

I think I am very lost in the 'proxy' and 'path'... probably because I am a 
Windows user. By the way I use Win xp and 98.

I am sorry for the basic question....

could you help e pleeeeease :-) ?
thank you

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