[R] problem of install.packages in windows (R 1.81)

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Tue Feb 24 23:09:37 CET 2004

Do read the rw-FAQ, Q2.17, which gives examples.  If following them does 
not work, you should seek local advice about your system.

You can always download the zip files and install them from the Packages 
menu too.

BTW, you do need to be accurate: it is R 1.8.1, not 1.81 and the proxy 
instructions need to be followed exactly.

On Tue, 24 Feb 2004 mrufino at cmima.csic.es wrote:

> Dear R users,
> I have a problem in the configuration of R:
> I just changed university, and my conection to the net is via a password, which 
> permits me to access the packages with no problem via the internet explorer 
> (version 6).
> I just updated R to R 1.81, and I cannot download nether upgrade packages (and 
> many are not working with the update!!!).
> I have been looking in the help and emails, and saw that many people had the 
> similar problems. 

Not so: very few people have proxies that need passwords.

> By what I understood, I have to set up the proxy, and do something about 
> the 'path'... but although I read RFAQ and R for windows, I could not do it, 
> because I dont know where do I go (I looked in the control panel, internet 
> options, etc. nothing worked, than also I tried changing the name of the dll 
> file (internet2.dll), as recommended and makes R crash, as soon as it is 
> conected.

That is *not* recommended in the FAQ, so why did you do it?  Please 
uninstall and reinstall R to undo the damage that you caused.

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