[R] Get R.lib , how to generate it

pascal dessaux pascal.dessaux at noos.fr
Fri Feb 27 11:34:11 CET 2004


I want to use R as a library in a C/C++ ANSI ISO project

I don't understand how can I generate R.lib with visual C++6 or C++.net;

All libraires I've already used gave the two files: X.lib + X.dll
then I 'am familiar to declare in the compiler:
Project Properties->Linker->Input->Additional Dependencies:X.lib
and put the X.dll closed to the executable program;

how can I generate or get R.lib? what are the precise steps to follow?
(I don't understand where I put what is written in the documentation 
	"First build the import library R.lib by 	
	 lib /def:R.exp /out:Rdll.lib"
in a visual C++ compiler)



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