[R] cluster-gruop-match with other attributes after na.omit

Christian Schulz ozric at web.de
Sat Feb 28 14:07:42 CET 2004


i want a cluster-analysis with clara, but getting an 
error because in cldat are NA's.

Error in clara(cldat[, 1:3], 4) : Each of the random samples contains objects 
between which
 no distance can be computed.

cldatx <- subset(cldat,select=c(A,B,C))
cldaty <-  na.omit(cldatx)

Now , clara works but cldat has ~193.000 obs
and cldatx without NA's ~75.000 obs.

How could i match back the clara result (cluster group)
to check associations with other attributes in the 193.000 obs
in the cldat.frame ?

Many thanks 

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