[R] BIC vz SBIC vz SIC

Daniele Medri madrid at linuxmeeting.net
Thu Jul 1 19:58:50 CEST 2004


I have a doubt about:
	BIC (Bayesian Information Criterion)
	SBIC (Schwartz Bayesian Informarion Criterion)
	SIC (Schwartz Information Criterion)
In many references these are know as the same (eg. stepAIC() function) but I 
just found a SAS8.2 output that show either the BIC and SIC values for a 
logistic regression.. simillary values but different.

1) question: What are the differences?

2) question: alwasy on BIC, from stepAIC() function help page I found a 
"k=log(n)" argument to add. Since that produce an error, is there a way to 
found the "n" dinamically? Why don't add a "k=AIC" or "k=BIC" or something 

Thanks in advance,

Daniele Medri

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