[R] replace values but different replacement length

Christian Schulz ozric at web.de
Fri Jul 2 17:03:44 CEST 2004


have anybody a hint/help how it's possible replace i.e.
the NA values  from BL02DATE with  non-Missing 
values from BLOCKED  and vice versa. 
Both variables are with an id  in a 188.249 rows data.frame and
my fr function didn't count the NA's.

Many thanks 

       Count Prcnt
1     140660  84.6 
2      25589  15.4 
Total 166249 100.0

       Count Prcnt
1     151982  85.4 
2      25976  14.6 
Total 177958 100.0

>>match02$BL02DATE[is.na(match02$BL02DATE)] <-  match02$BLOCKED
Warning message: number of items to replace is not a multiple of
replacement length

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