[R] Embarrassingly naive question regarding graphics on Mac OS X

Matthew Cohen owl_of_minerva at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 4 02:51:41 CEST 2004

I am having trouble saving graphs.  Using the Aqua interface (which is not
my preferred interface), I have no problems plotting a graph, adding
additional lines, points, references, etc., and then saving it to a file
using, for example, the dev2bitmap command.  I have found that, running R
with Xemacs+ESS under X11 (which I prefer over Aqua), this is not possible.
I can either send the graph to a Quartz or X11 window, where I can then
manipulate it using my mouse, but not save it (using dev2bitmap or
postscript or any other saving command creates a 4kb file that is entirely
blank when loaded using another viewing program); or I can save it, but
without the opportunity of manipulating it first.

I'm guessing that when I run R through X11/Xemacs/ESS, that it doesn't have
access to the postscript converter that it uses when I run it through the
Aqua interface.  But this is just a guess, and regardless of whether it is
correct, I have no idea how to fix the problem.  Any suggestions would be
enormously appreciated.

I am running R 1.9.1 on Mac OS 10.3.4 with Xemacs 21.4-15 and ESS 5.2.0.
I've installed Xemacs using Fink 0.7.0, manually installed ESS according to
the directions included in its readme file, and compiled R from source,
placing the R.Framework in my /sw directory.


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