[R] Is there rpm for suse 9.1 under x86_64?

Peter Mathe mathe at wias-berlin.de
Sun Jul 4 11:38:30 CEST 2004

I recently upgraded to Suse 9.1 for Amd64.
So far I could not find precompiled binaries of R-1.9.1 for this case.
So I tried installation from source, but could not succeed. Although the 
configuration/installation procedure ran without problems, the make 
check always ended with errors. When trying to run R , to see what's 
going on, the eigen() reported error code -18.
So, is a  rpm for R-base-1.9.1 under x86_64 for Suse available, or how 
can I succesfully install from sources?
Thank's for reading this message, Peter

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