[R] How to check the code for generic function in a specific package?

F Duan f.duan at yale.edu
Tue Jul 6 18:52:56 CEST 2004

Thanks for your answer. My problem is:

For example, I want to check the code for function "boxplot" and do some
modifications in a specific package, but "boxplot" has also been defined in
another package (e.g., graphics). Therefore, when I type "boxplot" or
"fix(boxplot)" at the R prompt, I only get a message like:

> boxplot
 standardGeneric for "boxplot" defined from package "graphics"

 function (x, ...) 
 <environment: 02D4FC14>
 Methods may be defined for arguments: x  

There is no source code pop-up, either for the package "graphics" or the
package I am working with.

Frank Duan

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F Duan wrote:

> Hello, R people,
> I am a R beginner. I searched the R-FAQ and R-help and failed to find the
> answers. 
> Could anyone tell me how to check (or edit) a generic function within a
> specific package? If the function is not generic, I can just type the
> function name at the R prompt or use "fix()" and "edit()".

fix() *does* work for me, giving you expect that the fucntion is not 
"fixed" within the package, but a new (changed) instance is created in 
your Workspace.....

What do you expect to happen? What is the error message (if there is any)?

In order to change packages, you might want to edit the package sources 

Uwe Ligges

> Thanks a lot.
> Frank
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