[R] Howto debug R on Windows XP?

Brueckner-Keutmann-GbR hb at brueckner-keutmann.de
Wed Jul 7 10:48:17 CEST 2004


I start working with R and I have tried to debug R on a Windows XP system.
Unfortunately I am not able to set a breakpoint in the package SJava, which
I am interested in.
So far I succeed to compile R with the "DEBUG=T" option, and followed the
hints given in the manual/FAQs about debugging.
After starting the gdb, I also succeed with

> break WinMain
> run

so that the program stops there. The debugger is also
able to find und list the function "R_ReadConsole", but the command

> break R_ReadConsole

is replied:

"Cannot access memory at address 0x1e6a0"

Can anybody give a hint how to continue?

My motivation is to use the SJava package and to continue the work Jens
Oehlschlaegel and Ingo von Otte started with.

Thanks for your help!

Herbert Brückner

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