[R] lost messages

Aaron J. Mackey amackey at pcbi.upenn.edu
Wed Jul 7 22:31:25 CEST 2004

The second two resends did go through (I checked on the web archive), 
but the first did not; additionally, the second two resends both came 
through with the exact same timestamp, even though I resent them over 
the space of 4 hours or so (and only after I had sent the "lost 
messages" message, which did come through to me just fine).  So there 
was something "stuck", but seems to be unstuck now.

Thanks to all,


On Jul 7, 2004, at 4:05 PM, (Ted Harding) wrote:

> On 07-Jul-04 Aaron J. Mackey wrote:
>> I've posted a message twice to this list, and never seen it appear yet
>> ... perhaps this one will go through ... ?
> Hi Aaron,
> Yes, it did get through. If you have not received it yourself, then
> possibly your subscription to R-help has got set to "nomail" or
> equivalent. It would be worth checking.
> Best wishes,
> Ted.

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