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Kevin Wang wangk at maths.anu.edu.au
Thu Jul 8 02:01:24 CEST 2004


> Uwe would be the authority on this 8-), but my impression is that if you
> keep two separate shortcuts, you should be fine.  The one for R-WinEdt has
> flags that sets it up for R, which should not be used in the one for MikTeX.

I think Andy is correct.  A few years ago (back in the dark ages -- before
I discovered Emacs/ESS), I had two short cuts, one calls R-WinEdt (i.e.
with flags...etc) and the other with just a normal WinEdt icon.

However, I *think* now you can interact R-WinEdt within R directly (I
tried the new version about 2 ~ 3 months ago just for fun, and that seemed
to be the case, but I can't quite remember *_*).



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