[R] Importing an Excel file

Vito Ricci vito_ricci at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 8 09:15:15 CEST 2004

I use very much Excel in my job and often I've to read
Excel data in R. Usually I save Excel file as a .txt
file and then I read it in R with read.table().

I find really interesting the suggest of using the
function read.xls() in the 'gregmisc' package.

I work also with R in Excel sheets by
R-Com/R-Interface (see:

It has several limits, but for some analysis is

Vito Ricci

Park, Kyong H Mr. RDECOM kyong.ho.park at us.army.mil
Wed Jul 7 20:21:42 CEST 2004

Hello, R users,
I am  a very beginner of R and tried read.csv to
import an excel file after
saving an excel file as csv. But it added alternating
rows of fictitious NA
values after row number 16. When I applied read.delim,
there were trailing
several commas at the end of each row after row number
16 instead of NA
values. Appreciate your help. 


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