[R] Statistics::R

Paul Roebuck roebuck at odin.mdacc.tmc.edu
Thu Jul 8 17:37:17 CEST 2004

On Thu, 8 Jul 2004, michael watson (IAH-C) wrote:

> I am looking (possibly in vain!) for the Author of the Statistics::R
> perl package - I believe he announced the package on this mailing list
> some months ago.  The name is Graciliano Monteiro Passos, and his e-mail
> address, gm at virtuasites.com.br, is giving permanent errors.
> Can anyone help?  Does anyone use this perl package with R?  I am having
> a few problems with it.

I used it for one of my projects and also tried unsuccessfully
to contact the author. I forgot to follow-up on that failure so
if you find him, let me know too.

Can't help without a description of the problem you are having

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