[R] Can R read data from stdin?

Hayashi Soichi - shayas Soichi.Hayashi at acxiom.com
Fri Jul 9 23:41:48 CEST 2004

Thanks! That's what I was wanted to know.

Also, is there a similar way I can do read.table from a pipe?

For example, if there is a command that I am running to generate the
datasource, I want to read that data as it comes..


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I think the original poster wanted to read data from stdin, not execute  
an entire script from stdin; this works on many UNIX-like systems:

d <- read.table("/dev/stdin", header=F);

Otherwise, for code, you can simply pipe (or redirect) to R from the  

% R --vanilla --slave < input > outfile


On Jul 9, 2004, at 4:34 PM, Tony Plate wrote:

> The easiest way would probably be to do the hack of creating a  
> temporary file to hold stdin, then call R to process that file.  That  
> would be easy to do in a shell script.
> If this really won't suffice, this older message might lead to  
> something useful:
>> Rd] R scripting patches for R-1.8.0
>> Neil McKay mckay at repsac.gmr.com
>> Thu Oct 16 20:30:20 MEST 2003
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>> I've updated my scripting patches to R-1.8.0. These patches
>> allow you to write shell scripts in R (at least on *nix systems)
>> by putting
>> #!/path/to/R.bin --script
>> on the first line of the script file. If you're interested
>> in the patches, e-mail me at
>>         mckay at gmr.com
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> At Friday 02:17 PM 7/9/2004, Hayashi Soichi - shayas wrote:
>> Is there anyway I can write a script which feed input datasource from  
>> stdin
>> and let R process it (maybe frequency report) then output the report  
>> to
>> stdout?
>> I can't seem to find much info on documentation or FAQ on this topic.
>> Thanks!
>> Soichi Hayashi

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