[R] your reference on this problem highly appreciated

Yong Wang wang at galton.uchicago.edu
Sun Jul 11 07:42:20 CEST 2004

please help me on this
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Dear all R users
first, sorry for that this question might not be appropriate to ask here.
I wanna know theories or techinques aimed at following questions:
I have a sample, say,K(at the range from 0 to 20000); the sample data's
central  moments m(1)---m(j) are estimated(j can be large).
also, I can use some methodology to calculate the upper and lower bound of
the probabilty of any interested interval, say, for the interval  
with all these information, I wanna recover the distribution of the data,
at least recover to some approximating  analytic form.Does anybady know
such theory or techiniques?
your help will be highly appreciated.
best regards

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