[R] proportions confidence intervals

Darren Shaw Darren.Shaw at ed.ac.uk
Mon Jul 12 17:45:10 CEST 2004

Dear R users

this may be a simple question - but i would appreciate any thoughts

does anyone know how you would get one lower and one upper confidence 
interval for a set of data that consists of proportions.  i.e. taking a 
usual confidence interval for normal data would result in the lower 
confidence interval being negative - which is not possible given the data 
(which is constrained between 0 and 1)

i can see how you calculate a upper and lower confidence interval for a 
single proportion, but not for a set of proportions

many thanks

Darren Shaw

Dr Darren J Shaw
Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine (CTVM)
The University of Edinburgh
Scotland, EH25 9RG, UK

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