[R] SMP, Single System Image clustering, multithreading

Khamenia, Valery V.Khamenia at biovision-discovery.de
Tue Jul 13 11:04:32 CEST 2004

Hi All,

  I have looked through the following thread:


  and would like to ask after 1.5 year the same question:

  Are there any plans to involve multithread 
  computations in R?

Few word about my motivation:

  I use R on my OpenSSI cluster with 7 CPUs, so one 
  could simply think of this cluster as of single computer 
  with 7 CPU. My own C++ maths run good in parallel
  on the cluster. What is even better for me: my C++ code
  has *no* any statements about parallelization. 
  All parallezation is done at command line. When I 
  start a new piece of calculation from command line,
  the process is migrated to a free cluster node 
  automatically, it migrates even during the calculation.

  The whole project is calculated nearly up to 7 time 
  quicker then on a single CPU. Thus, I do see the boost 

  However the same approach applied to R will force me
  to use batch mode instead of nice interactive mode.

  Now I am writing this mail and R is still busy with
  stats in usual interactive mode. Other 6 processors
  are idling unfortunately. It would be really nice 
  to change this situation.

my best regards,

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