R: [R] solving for a transition point in a piecewise nonlinear model

Vito Muggeo vito.muggeo at giustizia.it
Wed Jul 14 08:17:55 CEST 2004

Dear Robert,
In general it may be difficult to estimate a model with generic (possibly
nonlinear) functions before/after the changepoint  to be estimated too.

However if you are willing to make some restrinctions on your F1(.) and
F2(.), you could semplify the problem..

For instance, have a look to the strucchange and segmented packages. The
former mainly deals with time series data, the latter with GLM.

hope this helps,

PS Of course you can always perform a grid-search algorithm by fitting
different models for each fixed alpha, and picking the value that maximizes
the Lik..

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Subject: [R] solving for a transition point in a piecewise nonlinear model

> I want to fit a piecewise nonlinear model in which the transition point is
> an estimated parameter.
> Something like:
> F(x)=F1(x) when x>alpha,
> F(x)=F2(x) when x<=alpha.
> How can I solve for alpha within the nls call?
> Thanks,
> Rob
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