[R] Is there a statistics that can summarize the correlation for more than two random variables?

F Duan f.duan at yale.edu
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Thank you for your reminding. Could you tell me the addresses of STAT-L and
ALLSTAT lists?

By the way, I found Cronbach's alpha suggested by Prof. Baron might be the
one I am looking for though it's not perfect. 


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This seems more like a STATS question than an R question - asking on a
list like STAT-L or ALLSTAT may result in more replies

Nevertheless, it seems to me that you need to describe (and maybe
decide) what you mean by 'summarize' the correlations.  Certainly the
mean DOES summarize them, but is it the summary you want? Maybe, maybe
not.  Perhaps the median? Or a trimmed mean? Do you want to take the
absolute values of the correlations, or not? 


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>>> F Duan <f.duan at yale.edu> 07/13/04 2:34 PM >>>
Hi, R people,


I wonder if there is a statistics than can measure the correlation for
than two random variables, instead of computing the correlation
matrix. If so, what R package should I use? 


Right now I can only think of the mean of all pair-wise correlation
coefficients, e.g., (corr(x,y) + corr(x,z) + corr(y,z)) / 3 for three
variables (x, y, z). 


Thanks a lot,



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