[R] postscript plotting to 36" roll plotter

Don Isgitt djisgitt at soundenergy.com
Fri Jul 16 15:57:35 CEST 2004


First, my thanks to the R developers; it is a wonderful tool and 
supports my development and production activities in many helpful ways. 
My problem is as follows:

I want to make long (~ 20-30 feet) plots on a HP 755 (36" color roll 
plotter) using the R postscript command. I have tried paper="special" 
with appropriate width and height, and everything seems ok from the 
postscript side. But the plot gets truncated to whatever -o PageSize I 
specify (which, of course, makes sense). But using -o w2592 (36" roll 
unlimited) truncates to letter. Enough words: here is what I am using now.

postscript("|lpr -P hp755 -o PageSize=ARCHE", 

This limits me to 48 inches (ARCHE=36*48).

In summary, does anyone know the correct  choice of parameters to get a 
roll plot without a predefined limit.

I did set ps.options(paper)="default" instead of "letter" and I am using 
R 1.8.1 on Linux.

Thank you,


p.s. I am not subscribed to this list, so cc'ing me would be appreciated.

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