[R] how to keep R resident in memory?

milev milev at mar.ist.utl.pt
Mon Jul 19 13:35:50 CEST 2004

Dear All,

I have the following problem to solve:

I've been reading on
about the DCOM Active X object. But I am not very familiar with the
Windows programming, therefore I would like to ask few questions aobut
thie DCom object.

I need to access an R application/script that is already made, from
another application that I shell write. I need to export text and
graphics. I saw that with the Com you can export text easily. What about
the graphics? Can you give me simple example? I really do not have much of
experience. My main goal is to be able to keep the R and the script
resident in the memory because it load big data that takes time.

I should do the same with web interface. I managed to make a php script
that triggers the R script and returns the info, but each time the R is
starting and stoping and the necessary data is read and loaded and is very
very slow. So I need similar solution with holding R resident in the
memory also. Do you have any ideas?


Mladen Milev

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