[R] R on IBM P-Series either with AIX or Linux

Tae-Hoon Chung thchung at tgen.org
Mon Jul 19 23:05:35 CEST 2004

Hi, all;

I have a quick question. Does R work properly on IBM P-series? Is there 
any technical catches that should be payed special attention to? 
Currently, we tried to install and run R on an IBM P-series machine 
with AIX 5.1 but we experienced some technical difficulties. In 
particular, R does not properly use all available memory and there 
seems to be some other minor difficulties.

Thanks in advance;
Tae-Hoon Chung, Ph.D

Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Molecular Diagnostics and Target Validation Division
Translational Genomics Research Institute
1275 W Washington St, Tempe AZ 85281 USA
Phone: 602-343-8724

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