[R] sorting Trellis panels

Patrick Lorch plorch at email.unc.edu
Thu Jul 22 21:10:45 CEST 2004

Can anyone explain how to properly use index.cond?  I cannot include it 
in the xyplot command and get what I expect.  For example,

	plot<-xyplot(y ~ x | z, data)
# let's say z is a factor with six levels

gives a nice plot but I am unhappy with the order of panels.  I can get 
the order I want by


I cannot seem to get it with either

	plot<-xyplot(y ~ x | z, data,index.cond=list(order(c(1, ,6,4,3,2,5))))
	plot<-xyplot(y ~ x | z, data)

I suspect it is some obvious misunderstanding of my use of 

Thanks for any help you can give,

Dr. Patrick D. Lorch

                 plorch at email.unc.edu
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