[R] Precision in R--SOLVED!

adelmaas@musc.edu adelmaas at musc.edu
Thu Jul 22 21:53:57 CEST 2004


I'd like to thank everyone who sent me suggestions of what might have 
been wrong, especially Matt Austin.  He did not actually give me the 
solution, but rather he inadvertently set me on the path to find it by 
effectively getting me to look closer at the code I was using.  And 
thus I found myself examining my R and SAS code line by line to see how 
they differed, and I found that I was not defining "proportion moved" 
in quite the same way in the SAS and R versions.  Once I made R define 
"proportion moved" the same way as I did in SAS, both versions returned 
identical results.  Thanks again, everybody.

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