[R] fisher.test FEXACT error 7

Ken Edwards ke1 at sanger.ac.uk
Fri Jul 23 18:25:24 CEST 2004

I have an error message that doesn't seem to make sense in that having 
read the R documentation I was under the impression that R was able to 
grab as much memory as it needed, and has been able to do so for some 
time, so the advice given below about increasing the size of the 
workspace is redundant. 

If I'm right, does anyone have a solution to the problem of the size of 
LDSTP?  Or is this really a message about the limit of data size that 
the function can handle?

I have tried the function using test data containing a similar number of 
(randomly generated) data points, and it worked then. 
There are 258 data points in two columns (i.e. 2 * 134), if that helps.

Any advice would be very much appreciated,

Many thanks,

Ken Edwards.

R script below:


Error in fisher.test(testData) :
        FEXACT error 7.
LDSTP is too small for this problem.
Try increasing the size of the workspace.

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