[R] qcc package & syndromic surveillance (multivar CUSUM?)

adiamond@fas.harvard.edu adiamond at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Jul 27 00:07:43 CEST 2004

Dear R Community:

I am working on a public health early warning system, and 
I see that the qcc package allows for CUSUM and other statistical quality tests
but I am not sure if my project is a good match for qcc functions as written.
Any advice you may have is very much appreciated.

I have four years worth of daily counts of emergency room admissions for 
different conditions (e.g. respiratory, neurologic, etc) from several local 
hospitals.  the data looks like this...

              Respiratory     Neuro   ...
Hospital A:       10		12
.                  .             .
.                  .             .
Hospital F:        7            14

DAY 2         Respiratory     Neuro   ...
Hospital A:       10		12
.                  .             .
.                  .             .
Hospital F:        7            14    ...


and my goal is to do a kind of multivariate quality control test (without 
fitting a GLM), that would run each day after the data is updated and be able 
to answer the question: 
"Has there been a significant variation in the central tendency of the data?"

An analogous problem would be detecting the early signs of a shift in global 
trading patterns by examining stock market indexes in different countries 
around the world, updating and testing the data each business day. 

Thank you, 

Alexis Diamond

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