[R] Re: R-help Digest, Vol 17, Issue 25

Ross Henderson ross at ln.nimh.nih.gov
Wed Jul 28 00:25:44 CEST 2004


I'm trying to use R to take an image matrix and paint it into a 
tcltk canvas.  I'm using R-1.9.0 within ess-5.2.0 on a linux 
machine running the 2.4.30-31.9smp kernel.  I'm using the
ActiveTcl8.4.6.1-linux-ix86 tcltk libraries.

When I run the following comands, however, I get an R segmentation 


> library(tcltk)
> addTclPath("/usr/local/ActiveTcl/lib")
> tclRequire("Img")
<Tcl> 1.3

Process R segmentation fault at Tue Jul 27 18:18:40 2004

I've run this as root, and I get the same segmentation fault,  So I don't 
think this is a permissions problem.  Should I somehow be initializing 
tclVar()?  Can anyone point me to the right way to run this piece of 
code so that I don't get the segmentation fault?

Thanks in advance.

Ross Henderson                           National Inst. of Mental Health
Computer Scientist                         National Institutes of Health
Laboratory of Neuropsychology                       Bldg. 49, Room 1B-80
Neural Coding and Computation                    Bethesda, MD  USA 20892
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