[R] Latex error about Schunk environment under Windows NT

Cornec Matthieu matthieu.cornec at insee.fr
Wed Jul 28 10:41:17 CEST 2004


I am running the Sweave function on a Rnw file.
It produces a tex file with


and when I try to compile the tex file, I get a 
"Latex error : Environment Schunk undefined"

However, I wrote "\usepackage{Sweave}" at the beginning of my Rnw file
And the file "Sweave.sty" does exist in my tex files.

I am not experiencing the same trouble with my personal computer at home.
However I did the same steps. Is it due to Windows NT 
(my home computer runs under XP) and shall I install another latex package?

Anything would help.
Thanks a lot in advance,

Matthieu Cornec

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