[R] problem with the .Rhistory

Rolf Turner rolf at math.unb.ca
Wed Jul 28 12:53:07 CEST 2004

I recall having a similar problem a while back, and it turned out
that it was due to command line editing not being available.  This in
turn was due to a problem with the readline package.  I think we had
a flakey version (obtained as a Sun package?) and when we got another
version (from GNU?) and installed it --- and then rebuilt R ---
command line editing (and savehistory()) worked fine.

Sorry to be vague, but I don't have good records of what went
on, and it was a couple of years ago.

Check on command line editing first --- in R execute


and if ``cledit'' turns out to be FALSE, then readline is probably
your problem.  Peter Dalgaard may be able to give you better insight
as to how to fix it.


					Rolf Turner
					rolf at math.unb.ca


Nathalie.Peyrard wrote:

> The history function doesn't seems to work when I am working with R.
> I have a .Rhistory file in my working directory and I have tried
>          savehistory(file = ".Rhistory")
> or the command given in the history help :
>          .Last <- function()
>                    if(interactive()) try(savehistory(".Rhistory"))
> and I  get the same error message
> Error in savehistory(file) : no history available to save
> Is there any other variable to set up?

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