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John Chambers jmc at research.bell-labs.com
Wed Jul 28 17:42:43 CEST 2004

Wolski wrote:
> Hi!
> Here a simple example.
> setClass("myclass"
> ,representation(info="character")
> ,contains="matrix"
> )
> rownames(dd)<-c("a","b")
> tt<-new("myclass",dd)
> #the source of pain.
> as(tt,"matrix")<-matrix(1,3,3)
> Error: length of dimnames [1] not equal to array extent
> Is there a different way to do what I would like to do (I would like to change the @.Data and all its attributes in the object)?

It's not particularly a problem with as().  Your class just doesn't
behave as you expect.

"matrix" is not a formal class with slots.  (It isn't even an S3 class
in R; attr(x,"class") is NULL.)  So you cannot expect classes extending
"matrix" to know what a matrix is supposed to be.

Part of the problem is that matrix objects sometimes have dimnames and
sometimes don't.  And there is basic code in R that assumes or applies
constraints on the "dim" or "dimnames".

In S-Plus, "matrix" is a formal class, always having a slot for
dimnames.  R has not gone that route, at least not yet.

It may be possible to define a new class, "Matrix", say, that looks like
a matrix to old-style code but has a formal definition.  But the details
are likely to be tricky, and it's definitely a topic for r-devel, not

John Chambers

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