[R] 2 questions : format and hh:mm

Bruno Cutayar bcutayar at lfdj.com
Thu Jul 29 11:43:13 CEST 2004

Dear R-users,
i have two questions :

1- first of all, i wish to know the way to obtain a serie with a format 
like "00" : ( "01","02","03","04"....) or like postal code 
for instance, i do :
 > format(strptime(as.character(c(1:4)),"%H"),"%H")
but it sounds complicate and not really efficient....!

 2- i search to generate a serie of hours and minutes on 24h :
"00:00" , "00:01", "00:02", "00:03", ...,...,  "23:59"
for instance, i do :
 > x <- format( strptime (as.character(rep(0:23,each=60)),"%H"),"%H")
 > y <- format( strptime (as.character(rep(0:59,24)),"%M"),"%M")
 > paste (x,y,sep=":")
it works but is it an another way to obtain this ?


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