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Jan de Leeuw deleeuw at stat.ucla.edu
Thu Jul 29 18:16:57 CEST 2004


JSS is now up to Volume 11. This year is the first multi-volume
year, with three volumes so far. JSS now has its own ISSN
number and its own CODEC. A JSS LaTeX format will
become available soon. JSS is aiming to become an
(electronic) ASA journal, independent of JCGS, soon. It's
contents, including back issues, will also soon be in CIS.

Recent volumes of JSS illustrate the fact that R is, indeed,
the lingua franca of computational statistics. Many CRAN
packages have their corresponding JSS articles. And I hope
more package authors will follow. As far as I am concerned
it is perfectly alright to publish something both in R News
and in JSS.

JSS volumes now have four different "departments". One is
"Articles", which has the main contributions (technique +
manual + software). The second is "Code Snippets", which
are shorter and have less emphasis on statistics and more
on software. The third is "Software Reviews", which reviews
mostly commercial programs and packages (for which we
do not have the code). Finally, there are "Book Reviews",
reviewing books on statistical software, computational statistics,
optimization, Monte Carlo, and  numerical linear algebra.

R programmers are also encouraged to contribute "Code
Snippets". We have no clear author guidelines for these
snippets yet, but we are hoping that "short" and "emphasis
on software" is clear enough for now, and that we will
converge to something more standardized.

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