[R] unwanted as.integer

Jack Tanner ihok at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 29 23:54:48 CEST 2004

 > a <- sqlQuery(irrdb, "select count(field) from mytable where field = 1")
 > print(a)
1            8
 > paste(a)
[1] "as.integer(8)"

Why the as.integer() representation? I later pass the result into this 
write.html.table(), and what I get is rows of as.integer()... when all I 
want is the integer itself.

as.integer(31) 	as.integer(21) 	as.integer(34) 	as.integer(86)
as.integer(7) 	as.integer(6) 	as.integer(15) 	as.integer(28)

write.html.table <- function(t, file= "", capt= "The Default Title",
                            append = FALSE) {
  head <- paste("<table>\n<caption>", capt, "</caption>\n")
  cat(head, file= file, append= append)
  if (is.null(rownames(t))) {
    rownames(t) <- rep("", nrow(t))
  tp <- rbind(c("<tr><td></td>", colnames(t)),
              cbind(unlist(lapply(rownames(t), function(x) {
                paste("<tr><td>", x)})), t))
  write.table(tp, sep= "<td>", file= file, , eol= "</tr>\n",
              append=TRUE, quote=FALSE)
  cat("</tr>\n</table>\n", file= file, append= TRUE)

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