[R] using Rterm under cygwin, no possiblity to delete characters

Dewez Thomas t.dewez at brgm.fr
Fri Jul 30 11:37:32 CEST 2004

Dear R-users,

Thanks to Roger Bivand, it appears that the real problem is coming from the
way R talks to X11 under cygwin. Both other invocations of Rterm, either in
a bash window without Xwindow capability or from the DOS command, work just

Rterm breaks down every time it is invoked from a bash shell inside an
Xwindow session. The symptoms are the following:
+ No popup window appears when invoking help() or plot() commands
+ Instead, the Windows task bar shows an R icon, but this icon cannot be
restore to full screen
+ Rterm dies when hitting return after correcting typos
the error message then is:
Error: syntax error
Execution halted

This suggests that Rterm is by-passing fvwm2 and the X11 environment to talk
to windows directly. This is also probably the reason why terminal
properties are forgotten when just using Rterm for typing commands. It
forgets that it was invoked from bash and responds to all the keys pressed.
If typos are corrected with backspace, Rterm reads is a gibberish string
made of printable and non printable characters causing it to misunderstand
the command and fail.

Any clues as to what I should do? I insist on using R in an Xwindow session
because I want to take advantage of the R/GRASS module and compute stats on
GIS layers.


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