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Fri Jul 30 15:54:31 CEST 2004

r-help-bounces at stat.math.ethz.ch wrote on 30/07/2004 05:34:32:


> Are the Windows recipients of the R graphics involved in
> creating/editing the resultant documents, or do they simply require
> "read only" access of a final document?
> If the latter, then let me suggest that you generate EPS based graphics
> in R (for which you can specify height and width arguments in inches as
> required). Import those EPS graphics into OO.org's Impress (PP-alike) or
> Writer (Word-alike). Then print the file to a PS file and then use
> ps2pdf to create a PDF version of the document that the recipients can
> view in Acrobat Reader.

A more direct way than printing to .ps and converting with ps2pdf
could be to use the extendedPDF macros for OOo
(http://www.jdisoftware.co.uk/pages/epdf-home.php) which basically
does the same but can sit there as a button on your taskbar.
Moreover, extendedPDF allows to use `real' PDF hyperlinks and
PDF bookmarks. Unfortunately (as Marc Schwarz told me), extendedPDF
may not work on all Linux distro's (e.g. not on FC2 as FC people work
towards integrating OOo printing with CUPS and do not ship an OOo print
admin program anymore).

Best regards,

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