[R] Hosting a R Graph Gallery?

Shigeru Mase mase at is.titech.ac.jp
Mon Feb 21 11:53:23 CET 2005

Mere reference. There is already a wiki-based R graphics library at


Of course, almost all pages are in Japanese and most r-users would feel
difficult to visit (and post an example graphics) a Japanese site :-).
This graphics library pages have been very useful for Japanese R users
to see excellent and diverse graphics capabilities of R. I am looking
forward to the proposed library in near future. From our experience, a
wiki site is an excellent base for such library.

Shigeru Mase

Eric Lecoutre wrote:
> Hi,
> About any graph gallery:
> Philippe Grojean and me did have made some work. Our goal was to add a 
> clip library to the SciViews project that would offer access to a graph 
> gallery. I was workiong on the production of the gallery, where as 
> Philippe is still working on his GUI API. One of the goal is to have 
> automatic wizards to make easier the creation of a graphic.
> Here was our approach and some thoughts:
> - We should propose a format for a description file. Here are some 
> elements that should be gathered for each graphic function:
>         - Name of the function (*)
>         - Name of the produced graphic (*)
>         - Description of the graphic (*)
>         - Number of variables (univariate / bivariate / multivariate...)
>         - Types of variables
>         - Sample code (sample graph) (*)
>         - Package (*)
> The (*) are some information already available in Rd files (except maybe 
> sample graph).
> - If someone deos something, I think it would be useful to ensure that 
> all is reusable. We should focus on describing graphics. Then, for 
> example, SciViews could use the information to create a usable graph 
> gallery.
> If someone is interested, I ahve put in the following archive all my 
> current code:
> http://www.stat.ucl.ac.be/ISpersonnel/lecoutre/R/svGraphGallery.zip
> There is no explanation but I would provide comments and help to any 
> volonteer (basically, there is a file  .ggs with some descriptions as 
> stated before and some R code to that produce HTML files).
> The result (the current gallery) is there. It is aimed to be something 
> like 300 pixels large. At final step, graph would be clickable with a 
> wizard.
> http://www.stat.ucl.ac.be/ISpersonnel/lecoutre/R/svGraphGallery/dock/svGallery.html 
> Eric

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