[R] Cluster of iris data set from Mahalanobis distances

Jose Claudio Faria joseclaudio.faria at terra.com.br
Sat Jul 2 15:15:36 CEST 2005

Dear R list,

My question:

I'm trying to calculate Mahalanobis distances for 'Species' from the iris data 
set as below:

cat('Cluster analyse of iris data\n')
cat('from Mahalanobis distance obtained of SAS\n')

n   = 3
dat = c(        0,
  	       89.86419, 	       0,
  	      179.38471, 	17.20107, 	0)

D = matrix(0, n, n)

nam = c('Set', 'Ver', 'Vir')
rownames(D) = nam
colnames(D) = nam

k = 0
for (i in 1:n) {
   for (j in 1:i) {
      k      = k+1
      D[i,j] = dat[k]
      D[j,i] = dat[k]

D=sqrt(D) #D2  -> D

dendroS = hclust(as.dist(D), method='single')
dendroC = hclust(as.dist(D), method='complete')

win.graph(w = 3.5, h = 6)
split.screen(c(2, 1))
plot(dendroS, main='Single', sub='', xlab='', ylab='', col='blue')

plot(dendroC, main='Complete', sub='', xlab='', col='red')

I'm not fouding how to make it in the CRAN documentation (Archives, packages: 
mclust, cluster, fpc and mva).

Could help me?

Jose Claudio Faria
Estatistica Experimental/Prof. Adjunto
  joseclaudio.faria at terra.com.br

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