[R] R emacs and ess

O.J. Shaikh shaikhoj at univmail.cis.mcmaster.ca
Mon Jul 4 21:26:39 CEST 2005

Hi all,
 I want to apologise first for being a beginner with linux/emacs/ess;
I am pretty good with R ;).

I have R-1.9.1 installed on my directory of a linux server, I also have
ess 5.2.8 installed there as well.  When I call R using (C-u M-x R) in
emacs, i receive the following error [no match].

I was wondering if emacs is not looking for ess in the right place (if
there is something i have to edit into the .emacs file) and if someone
could explain to me how i should do that since i am not good with

I was also wondering if emacs cant find R and if someone could let me
know how i should go about doing that.  Currently to execute R I use
(sh R) from the R bin directory.

Thanks for all your help

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